Songwriting Game

I first found out about the songwriting game through Austin based singer-songwriter Billy Harvey. The basic purpose of the game is to generate song ideas and songs in general without necessarily having to start from nothing.

“I see, but how does it work?”

I’m glad you asked. Allow me to explain.

For each round/song, one of the players picks a random word or phrase or sentence through whatever method they see fit, and that becomes the song’s title for that round. From this point the participants are tasked with writing a song, complete with lyrics and music, within a specified time frame and then posting a video of a performance of the song to youtube.

“That’s a pretty cool idea, but what if the song is horrendous and is not fit for human ears to hear?”

That’s ok too. The point is not necessarily to create masterpieces of musical genius with each song that is written, but to just create something/anything so that the players are constantly in the mode of creating music, which will allow the actual masterpieces to come through easier. Behold!!!

Current Round (#9): Functioning

(Click on song titles for lyrics)

Round #8: Six Feet Over

Joel’s video, Rob’s video

Round #7: Perfectly Known Limit

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #6: Chain Gun Reaction

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #5: That’s All You Get From Me

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #4: Summer City

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #3: Quixotic

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #2: Cactus Flower

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

Round #1: Downhill Junk

Stephen’s video, Rob’s video

If you’re interested in joining in, email me at