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First off.  Thanks so much to everyone that came out on Saturday.  That was so much fun getting up there and playing, and despite annihilating the tambourine on the very first song I think it went very well.  I did get a complaint that I didn’t tell what the name of any of my songs were, so here is the set list of what I played Saturday night (I think).  Every song was written by me except for the indicated cover:

Of Goats and Fish (Instrumental)
Midnight Soul
Summer City
No One Can Explain The Things You Do
Effect and Cause (The White Stripes)
City of Light

If you took any pictures I would love to see them and will likely post them on the website, so send me whatever you got.  Also there was someone taking video of the performance, and I should be getting that soon too and will likely post it to youtube if it meets my incredibly high standards (i.e. has sound and picture).  Thank you again everyone for coming out. 


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