^All of the above.  Although songs and videos are kind of one in the same on this site for the most part.  Anyway.  The latest videos for the songwriting game are posted and this was a pretty good round, I think.  Rob has even admitted that his song is one of his best yet.  So you have to go check them out.  Hurry!  What are you waiting for?

I’ve also been making a lot updates and things to the website, including adding an area for past shows.  So I apologize in advance if there is a link or something that doesn’t work.  Let me know and I’ll fix it right up for you.

More shows are in the works, and I’ll get them posted as soon as I know.

Thanks for stopping by!


It’s finally 2010 and I owe anyone that is reading this a HUGE thank you. You are awesome, and made my 2009 really great. At this point last year it hadn’t even crossed my mind that I was going to be playing any shows at all, but I got out there and I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Now on to the non-sappy stuff.

– I will be playing at Walter’s On Washington this Friday (January 8). I’ll be first up so make sure you’re there by 9.

– Round 7 of the Songwriting Game is upon us. The videos will be posted by January 31. So stay tuned.

– I have updated the Links page with some descriptions and a couple of new sites. Please go and show your support.

Thanks so much again.


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The show went incredibly well and even got a bit rowdy when I demanded everyone start stomping their feet and clapping. Thanks to all those that came.

Now its off to prepare for Rocbar on December 10. By request, it will be another electric show, so get ready for some serious loudness : )


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Finally got around to recording/posting Round 6 of the Songwriting Game.  It only took 6 months for me to get off my lazy butt and do it.  I’ve actually had the song written for about 5 months and have even performed it already at a show or two, but now I can say that it’s officially written.

Come see me play it live at Bohemeo’s tomorrow!!!  See you there.


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A show has come my way via Wails (go here and here to check them out, it’s good stuff). They were unable to play and thought I might like to step in for them, so that is what I am doing. The show is next Thursday (November 12) at 9:00pm at Bohemeo’s. I will probably have about 35 minutes starting at 9 so make sure and get there on time. Headlining the night will be Romeo Spike from Atlanta (also good stuff), so make sure to stick around after.