How it has come to be thus far:

Stephen Rawlings is a singer/songwriter currently residing in Houston, Texas.  Influenced from an early age by a broad spectrum of bands and musicians, Stephen now finds his indie rock sound nomadically wandering through a triangle loosely bordered by modern Detroit garage rock (The White Stripes and The Von Bondies), Portland indie rock (Viva Voce and The Decemberists) and the Delta Blues (Son House and Robert Johnson).

Combining melodic phrases and subtle wordplay, his songs take on such topics as life, love, and the infinitely confusing nature of both.  Listeners can discover themselves falling in love with Parisian women, living in sarcastic denial, or just leaving everything behind to run away to Fiji all while giving in to the rhythms of acoustic and electric guitars and just about any other instrument he can manage to get his hands on – including keyboards, harmonicas and banjos, to name a few.

As a live musician, Stephen provides an energetic performance that showcases his songwriting ability and musical talent as he simultaneously takes on the roles of several missing band members.  In true one-man-band style, minus a bass drum on the back and cymbals on the knees, his sets offer the audience a variety of performances ranging from simple acoustic songs to intricate compositions involving layered guitar parts and random percussive instruments usually found under a stomping foot.

In addition to playing shows in the Houston area Stephen is currently writing and recording tracks for what will eventually become a full length album.  Samples of these songs and more can be found on both the music page and the songwriting game page.

For more information (musical/booking/personal), CDs, photos, videos or anything of relevance to life in general, contact Stephen at stephen@stephenrawlingsmusic.com.